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Thread: Google Chrome starts but close automatically

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    Default Google Chrome starts but close automatically

    Today, I tried to open the google chrome. It stays open about few seconds then it automatically, closed the google chrome with no warnings, no errors or no pop up messages. I have no clue what's the problem with the google chrome, but I think it has the virus or malware or something.
    I tried to restart the computer, but it didn't work. I tried to look for some suggestion/ways, but it still doesn't work. I need some help. I have window 10 and desktop. Also, someone recommended me to get Spybot but I'm still having problem with Google Chrome. Please any suggestion. please need some assistance. Thank you.

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    Open the Windows 10 start menu. Locate Google Chrome and rightclick it. Do you see under tasks "New Incognito Window." If so click it. I believe that will get Chrome to open with extensions disabled, so you can see if an extension is causing Chrome to automatically shut down.I'm not that familiar with Chrome so my advice may be spotty at best. Please let me know how it goes.

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