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Thread: Latest Version and Automatic Updates

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    Default Latest Version and Automatic Updates


    Just confirming latest version of Spybot S & D is 2.7, and wondering why there is no "check for updates" that I can find on the app ?

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    Yes, my version is showing as, that should be the latest version of Spybot. There should be a Last Update section in the overview part of the Start Center when you open it, and if you click update that will open Spybot's updater. If that is not there, then you can click Show Details in the lower right corner, and there is an Update icon there that will open the Updater as well.

    If you are new to Spybot, there is a video tutorial posted to youtube that you can watch:
    Or, there is a tutorial if you have Spybot +Antivirus:

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