Hi there

I have two schedules set: one for a system scan (monthly, 1st of every month); and one for immunization (weekly, every Wednesday).

If I examine the schedule settings for the system scan it says it was run last time on 01 Dec 2019.
However the Start Center shows the label "Your system has not been scanned in 10 days."
And when I hover my mouse pointer over the taskbar icon it shows "Last system scan 24th November 2019".
(That date was probably a manual scan I ran, not a scheduling error.)

The immunization schedule settings show last run 4th December 2019 (today, a Wednesday).
The rest of the software appears to agree with that and I can't find any evidence of a conflict.

Why would the scan schedule not inform the Start Center etc that it had run?
Or has the schedule been triggered but Spybot not executed the scan?

Thanks and regards