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Thread: Spybot Anti-beacon Error

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    Default Spybot Anti-beacon Error

    I have purchased this software license and for some reason out of blue i started to get this error:

    Small popup comes up when i try to open the software and Title of it says Spybot Anti-Beacon
    and with a RED X on side and beside it says:

    Access Violation
    Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption.
    Press Abort to kill the program.

    Ok or Abort

    when i press OK the software opens but everything is weird and doesnt work properly and if i abort it just doesnt open the app.

    See attachment please, thanks
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    Hello mataei,

    I have notified and linked the team to your topic.

    Best regards,

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    I'm sorry about this issue, definitively shouldn't happen!

    Does this happen when you open the software, or when you click "Settings" (just asking because the screenshot looks like an incomplete Settings view)?

    Are you using the latest (3.4)?
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