I apologize if this duplicates any thread or if it is in the incorrect location, it has taken over an hour to get online, registered, and starting this post as both of my computers (laptop and desktop) have exploded with Live Protection dialog processes (apparently responding to the waterfall of Windows Problem Reporting (32 bit) processes that I see in Task Manager). I think that my first dial-up was faster.

I will check back tomorrow when I have some patience restored. I am wondering if there is a known issue that has shown up in the past 24-72 hours. Did Microsoft or Spybot push out a recent update that isn't playing well with the other?

I have rebooted both computers with no improvement (takes forever to start up as Live Protection scans all tray apps) and both are running Win10 and Spybot +AV v2.7

I will happily provide more information. I will also check my registered eMail address tomorrow when I can hopefully stomach the lag between keystrokes and the appearance of the characters on screen.

Thank you in advance.