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Thread: Can't create boot cd image

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    Angry Can't create boot cd image

    I've seen two other posts with the same problems and no answers to fix the issue. I'm just wondering why.

    In my case,

    Image file is 797876224 bytes
    ERROR: Image is 115892224 bytes too large (681984000)
    (use -m to override or try -o to optimize storage)

    Check the above for error messages, we could not create a valid ISO file.
    which I don't understand because I have no control over allocating space for or specifying an image size. Only spybot2 was chosen to be added.

    Earlier in the log,

    Could not copy C:\WINDOWS\winhlp32.exe to C:\SpybotBootCD\Mount\Windows\System32!
    Could not copy C:\WINDOWS\system32\winver.exe to C:\SpybotBootCD\Mount\Windows\System32!
    Could not copy C:\WINDOWS\system32\notepad.exe to C:\SpybotBootCD\Mount\Windows\System32!
    Could not copy C:\WINDOWS\system32\xchm.exe to C:\SpybotBootCD\Mount\Windows\System32!
    File operation failed (error 0x02)!
    this leaves me confused because if it couldn't copy some files, that would lead me to think the image would be undersized as opposed to over.

    Just what needs to happen here?

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    Hello PBMaxx

    Could you open a support ticket please, let me know when you do.

    Best regards,
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