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Thread: Is there a answer to the OP question?

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    Default Is there a answer to the OP question?


    I noted the OP question is still unanswered.

    so Just how does one delete multiple results?

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    Hello Sharton,

    Partial quotes:

    For a few months I've slacked with my computer and didn't run any virus or rootkit removal software.<snip>

    <snip> I'm also quite a newbie at those things.
    Quote Originally Posted by tashi View Post

    Do you have a resident anti-virus program?

    The RootAlyzer is an analyst tool, sometimes even legitimate software uses rootkit technologies.

    What is the operating system and did you have any particular reason for running a rootkit scan, how is the computer running?
    The RootAlyzer is an analyst tool and not a scan and fix program.

    Questions were asked to help assess the situation, for instance if the user's machine showed symptoms which indicated it might be infected.

    In which case it is necessary to know if the operating system is up to date or a legacy system. Etc...

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