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Thread: Spybot 2.8 - Why is it so hard to switch off the Windows Security Centre integration?

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    Sorry PepiMK, but I have little idea what you're talking about here.

    I made it clear that this was the free version from the very start, so not sure what your comment about mentioning that is all about.

    Here's how it looks to me: The free version doesn't replace an anti-virus since there is no real time scanning, so there is no reason for the Security Centre integration. If there is some Microsoft requirement, just don't install the Security Centre integration with the free version. In the previous version there was an option to do this in the installer (that didn't work, if I remember correctly), so let's go with that solution.

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    Just replying to say this is still the case as of v2.8.68.0. Whatever the intention, the result is that installing the free version of Spybot provides no virus protection but disables Windows Defender's real-time "Virus and threat protection" and prevents it from being re-enabled without uninstalling Spybot or using the registry editor to change an obscure value. All this happens without the user being informed, so most people would be unaware. prequelmeme.jpg

    Whatever Microsoft's intention is, I doubt this is it. Something like the free version of Malwarebytes (which does provides manual virus scanning but not real-time virus protection) does not integrate with Windows Security Center to disable real-time virus protection, so it does not seem to be entirely unavoidable.
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