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I received this information:

Please download the debug tool then download the new Live Protection files.

You can download the Live Protection debugging tool using the link below:

Once the tool has downloaded, please run the tool.

You will see a small window saying that this tool will only run from the Spybot folder and will ask if you would like to move it there and restart the tool. Click Yes when you see this prompt.

If you see a security warning, click “Run” to allow the file to run.

The tool should run automatically and you should already see an output on the left hand side of the window.

Click the “download alternative files #1” button to download the Live Protection files.

After downloading the files, click on “Run Test (Service method)” and “Run test (direct method)” then copy the output then paste into your next reply.

This information will help us to determine if the new files have resolved the issue.

We appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue.

Thank you.
This fixed my Live Protection Problem. Thank you so much.