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I have had same problem on three computers (2 desktop and 1 laptop) since my last update of Spybot. I tried everything, but this morning I saw the advise to change the name of SDSpybotLab.exe. To do so, I performed an File Explorer search for SDSpybotLab.exe. It took a while, but it finally came up with one result. I changed the name to SDSpybotLab.exe.REMOVEtoRESTORE and I expect the problem to be resolved.

I'd prefer a cleaner solution and I am disappointed that Spybot did not thoroughly test how frequently this comes up and that there is no known way to quickly disable it. I bet a lot of people are looking for this thread.

Spybot, please fix this ASAP!

I went in and just deleted that file, hopefully it has done the trick. I have opened a support ticket and waiting to hear what they advise.