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Thread: ***infected comodo virtual desktops***internet problem on galaxy book pc***

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    Default ***infected comodo virtual desktops***internet problem on galaxy book pc***

    hi all,

    i need to uninstall ad-aware,
    and i have bugs & malwares installed on all my comodo virtual desktops: the containment & the secure shopping, which makes impossibility to make online shopping

    bugs & malwares in the infected virtual desktop of containment (comodo sandbox)--:
    -yara editor trial
    -diffview trial
    -audio/video to exe
    -registry first aid
    -smart privacy cleaner
    -if/when i try again to reinstall the virtual desktop of comodo sandbox: impossible->error of installation of microsoft siverlight

    and the bugs & infections installed in the virtual desktop of comodo secure shopping:
    -pchelpsoft pc cleaner
    -radiorage en page d'accueil
    -systools pdf bates numberer
    -wondershare 1-click pc care

    internet problem on galaxy book pc,
    the icon of livebox wifi displays connected/connexion ok,
    but if i come on/go to various internet browsers
    i have error of connexion at every web sites

    the UVK & UAK logs here:

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    Hello bandai_fleuriste,

    Please refer to the forum FAQ and the instructions in post #2 on how to provide the logs from Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and aswMBR, which are used in the preliminary analysis.

    Then start a new topic providing the logs and a volunteer analyst will advise.

    If you cannot produce the logs let your helper know in the new topic.

    Best regards.
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