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Thread: Can I delete old system scan logs, and how to do it

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    Default Can I delete old system scan logs, and how to do it

    Can I delete old system scan logs?

    If so, how can I do it?

    I am running Win 7

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    Yes, you can. Rightclick Spybot Start Center and run as admin, click System Scan, stop System Scan if need be, then click Show Previous Logs. The scan logs should be called Checks, with the date the checks were done appended to them. These will probably be the most numerous logfiles. You can rightclick and delete any logfiles you no longer need. If you want to delete multiple ones, you can hit shift on your computer, then select multiple logfiles with your mouse, then rightclick and select delete. You might want to keep any recent logfiles, just in case. I also suggest you keep the updates.logfile, Immunization-Browsers.log and such, as you never know if you might need them.

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