Sony Vaio 1 terabyte laptop (810 free) Windows 10 home (originally windows 8) bought second hand. Intel (R) Core i5 4200 CPU 1.60GHZ

I've had the laptop for years and this is the first time I ran a quick rootkit check. I have found 145 rootkits but don't know if they are good or bad. Goodness knows how many it would have found if I'd done a deep check.

I have a problem with the laptop with 100% Disc 100% CPU and 100% memory at times (not at the same time) when the laptop slows down and becomes unresponsive. Start up takes a while even though I've disabled everything except anti virus and firewall.

How can I analyse the log? I just have no idea! I'm having trouble uploading the file log it says error.

Please help. Thank you.