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Thread: Command Line Switches for SDImmunize.exe

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    Default Command Line Switches for SDImmunize.exe

    [I have not been able to find the answer to this with Search - sorry if this is a repeat question.]

    Where can I find a current list of command switches for SDImmunize.exe?

    I'm trying to update Immunization automatically twice a week, but this command and switches won't run.

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Spybot - Search & Destroy 2\SDImmunize.exe" /immunize /silent /autoclose

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    The various parameters for immunization are listed in the help file. I'll quote them here:
    Immunization pro-activly prevents malware from attacking your system. It does this by blocking access to sites known to contain malicious or unwanted software using a blacklist, if your browser supports this feature.

    Available parameters Basic
    /help shows this page
    /verbose displays more output
    /savelog stores a log to help tracking errors
    /debuginfo saves details about immunization for support cases

    Available Operations you need to specify one of these
    /scan test the current grade of immunization
    /immunize applies immunization
    /undo removes the immunization

    /silent avoid unnecessary output
    /taskbarhide avoid UI appearing even in the taskbar

    System Service related
    /serviceinstalltest fakes that services are not installed

    Supplemental Options
    /youtube adds menu option to resize windows to YouTube video resolutions
    /noscan does not check anything at program start
    /autoclose close user interface after chosen operation has finished

    This module is available in the following editions:

    Or, you can see them this way:

    Command line parameter
    Spybot offers the use of various command line parameters. Please notice that the availability of parameters depends on the Spybot edition you are using. To get information about parameters for each module use the parameter /help.


    SDScan /help

    Alternatively see the module descriptions in this document for further information about the parameters of each module usable with parameters.
    The command line parameters are available in some editions, but I don't believe they're available in all, as it says above. Here's the comparison chart:

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