Hello, I got infected with Premium Search and I was able to remove most of it with Spybot. Now I am having trouble with certain apps that won't load due to missing .dll files. Here are the ones I know about:

Skype: missing - HID.DLL
eMClient: missing DLL libcef

I'm not sure what else may be going on but this computer is only a few months old and just seems to be acting weird! I have backups on an external drive that I could go back to if I must but there is an issue with that too. Dell has 6 partitions on my C: drive and 4 of them don't have drive letters and my backup program didn't like that so I haven't been backing up those partitions. Since I don't know what is on those partitions I'm hesitant to do a restore at this point in time. I'm using EaseUS Todo free version. But here is where I'm at right now.

Following the instructions on "Before you post" I backed up my registry, got the Farbar logs, and downloaded aswMBR. But twice now while attempting to run the aswmbr tool, when I click "Yes" at the prompt "The computer supports "Virtualization Technology" it shows the Microsoft reporting tool screen and does a restart. I'm afraid to try it a 3rd time because after the 2nd time all I had was a black screen and I had to do a manual restart. I don't know where to go from here. Can someone help me? Thank you.