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Thread: Anti-Beacon - what to do with it ??

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    Default Anti-Beacon - what to do with it ??

    OK so like most, Anti-Beacon enabled, but all it does it pops up at logon time, runs a semi-circular timer, then pops up saying 92 of 95 are "somethinged". If you click on configure, like those gophers it has disappeared by the time you try to open it. It does not appear in Spybot Start Center, so please, can someone tell me :-

    How I can see the results at least ?
    Do I need to configure it, and if so, how ?
    Why does it just disappear ?

    Thank you

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    They could rename it Spybot whack-a-mole. hehe, just kidding.

    It might be set to run at startup and then shutdown, which would be why it would disappear. You could click on the circle quickly, and see if it opens up configuration. If that doesn't work is there an antibeacon plus icon on your desktop? You might be able to open it that way. Also, to double check anti beacon does not appear in start center checkmark advanced user mode, and see if anti-beacon appears when you scroll down.

    There is a page about anti-beacon here, including a video tutorial:

    If that doesn't help you can use the contact form to contact Spybot here. There's a pulldown menu under software and support where you can select Spybot Anti-Beacon or Spybot Anti-Beacon Plus.

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