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Thread: Error running update signature routine for first time

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    Default Error running update signature routine for first time

    Just installed latest full version of SpyBot Search & Destroy + AV (ver, along with SpyBot Anti-Beacon. Applied license routine. Running SpyBot for first time, an update of file signatures is required. Twice I have attempted to do this, but each time the software goes into a seemingly endless search routine that never finishes! After letting it run for about 12 hours in the background I had to finally cancel this routine. Because I couldn't complete the file signatures update, the software will not let me do any other operations it is designed for (such as a system scan or a rootkit scan). What can I do to correct this issue?

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    There's a link to download antispyware updates on the Spybot page, but it isn't possible to manually download antivirus updates that way. Therefore, it would be best if you contacted Spybot support on their contact page, to get help with that. Please see here:

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