I have been having issues with Windows’ System Restore anyway, but lately it has become worse. Every time I need to do a system restore, restore points have come up missing. Which is bad enough, but when I do a restore, System Restore winds up with a message that nothing was changed because one file was blocking it or missing. It also suggests that another program may be blocking it, citing first an anti-virus application.

So now I want to know if Spybot would prevent System Restore from functioning.

If Spybot doesn’t then System Restore has some other problem.

If it does, then that means I would need to deactivate Spybot anytime I need to do a restore. I would rather not do that. Besides, creating a restore point doesn’t bother Spybot, so why would using a restore point be a problem?

Any light that you can shed on this problem will be welcome. I am using Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit.