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Thread: Install AV Real-time on Dell 2019-2020 Windows 10 Home

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    Default Install AV Real-time on Dell 2019-2020 Windows 10 Home


    I have a Dell Inspiron 3593 running Windows 10 Home, just purchased earlier this year (04/2020). I removed the S-limitation, and the McAfee pre-installed; then attempted to put Spybot S&D on, but the system rejects the AV real-time driver. I've followed every suggestion on the support page to get the AV real-time driver installed.

    Does anyone else have further experience or direction on getting the AV real-time driver installed?

    Wm Qu

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    There's a Live Protection driver thread on the forum here:

    Within that thread tashi posted this solution:

    RBEmerson posted back and said it worked, but another person posted that it didn't work for them. so then this solution was posted:

    It looks to me like your best bet would be to try the first solution, and if that doesn't work then follow the instructions in the second post. Please let me know how it goes, especially if you need to follow the instructions in the second post so that it can be sent to spybot support or posted,etc.

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