Hello people, i hope you can help me

since 2 weeks i have a problem with Spybot
today i figured out that spybot blocks the anti-cheatprogram "easy anti cheat" for the game "insurgeny: sandstorm".
I can play one map, after that i am stuck in the loading screen showing "loading 100%" only hearing footsteps and weaponsounds.
after ca. 60 seconds game kicks me with the message "anti-cheat authentification timed out 1/2".

i updated my graphics driver, verfied game installion via steam, reinstalled/repaired easy-anticheat multiple times, started both game and anticheat with admin rights - nothing helps!
i can't disable spybot, after a while the spaybot scanner service comes back and blocks eac.

Is there a way to make spybot whitelist or ignore .exe-programs or entire folders?

system: win 10, i5-2500K, gtx 970, 8GB ram, Spybot Home Edition