I recently changed to google chrome as my default browser and really wish I hadn't, I have changed it back to firefox now, after basically not going to any sites but my email and Facebook and some gaming forums, I found I had been infected by the 2prw-news.club phising trojan. It seems that either I had either inadvertently opened a spam email which had then downloaded the trojan covertly, or that they hacked my email account, I had my Playstation accounts and PC accounts hacked on another computer so it may well be that as well.

Would it be possible to add this malware to your list of things that spyware will automatically detect and delete via either immunization or an active scan. After I changed my default browser to firefox the malware stopped happening but would feel better if I knew it was no longer part of the chrome functionality, as it is really annoying: the bot will literally spam messages at you faster than you can even close them down, and it makes the browser tiresome to use. It's a shame because I heard good things about google chrome, but after this will be sticking to firefox until I can be sure the bot problem is remedied.