Greetings All,

I've been smashing my brain processes on this script for about a week or two now and have made some great progress but am now stuck. (using powershell scripting as Bat scripting wasn't strong enough imho.)

Using Version I was able to script the install. The update was somewhat frustrating, as it would sometimes update the first time, othertimes it takes running it 3-4 times but I was able to get that looped in.

The issue now appears to be the scan/clean process.

Here is the line I am currently using to start the scan/clean process:
& 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Spybot - Search & Destroy 2\SDScan.exe' /taskbarhide /scan
When checking the help documentation for what switches to use, it doesn't include /autoclean or /clean or anything that would imply that it has the capabilities of remediation without user interface. which somewhat invalidates the /taskbarhide switch as if I have to click to remediate it won't work. (I even tried /autoclean and it gives me the same results)

Thinking that it was a diff program that would actually perform the clean I tried scanning with "sdscan.exe" and using "sdcleaner.exe" to actually clean it, but when launching it doesn't pick up any malware at all. ((that being said, the system I'm using is not Infected beyond PUPs like slimware cleaner.)) And the scan log gives me

PU.SW.SlimDrivers: [SBI $4CCB1C56] Application data folder (Directory, nothing done)
Nothing done.... The question I pose to all is how can I get the sdscan.exe application to actually clean through /switch actions?