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Thread: outstanding 4 items after immmunization

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    Default outstanding 4 items after immmunization

    Hi all,

    For about a month now ive had 4 items not immunized after running the immunization.
    Ive looked into it and found that the problem might be with my firewall zonealarm but after disabling it and trying the process again i got the same result.

    I have avast antivirus, spyware blaster malwarebytes and obviously spybot installed but nothing else.

    Can anyone suggest anything to help me get these 4 items protected

    Kind regards Mark

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    When you open the immunization page, down in the lower right corner it says "Show Details". Could you click that, then scroll through the list and find where it says there are 4 unprotected, then post on here in what category the 4 unprotected are in?

    A few years back, some people were having 4 items that would not immunize. Could you read through and see if you think it might be what's happening with you, also?

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