OK - thank you! So far the computer has been good after the scan this morning. I do not see the threats pop up anymore. Also, I noticed before the scan that a new instance or new tab in Chrome was being redirected. Now it is back to normal.

I ran the ESET online and below is the log. I saw no threats. I also added the Chrome Adblocker - thank you!

One question, I was wondering if there was a specific malware/virus/security software I should run or should I run one at all? I ask as I just bought this computer for my daughter. It is the nicest one I have ever bought . She is 11 and is very interested in coding, games, etc and is learning more and taking several coding classes (python, css, html, etc.). I suspect she will continue to expand and practice and from my experience these things can happen with viruses and malware from time to time. Any suggestions for a budding computer programmer?

Also, does it look to you like the computer is back to normal now?