Is it possible to install Spybot version 2.8 without an internet connection? When I try running the latest v2.8.68.0 installer (copied over via USB drive), I can't get past a status warning that there is "no active internet connection". It appears to be looking for the file "setup-signatures.exe". Note that I have been able to install the earlier version 2.6 without any issues with no connection. This is on a new Windows 10 Pro system, and I would like to build a proper whitelist before allowing internet access.

As an alternative, is there a way to export a whitelist created with v2.6 and then import it back into v2.8 after installing the later using an active connection to the internet? As a follow-up to this, what is the correct procedure down the road for installing later versions of Spybot without losing my existing whitelist?