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Thread: Is Edge-Chromium now safer than Google Chrome with SpyBot on?

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    Question Is Edge-Chromium now safer than Google Chrome with SpyBot on?

    I love setting up browsers, but I love even more when a browser has excellent security features. The new Edge-Chromium has an impressive settings section, but there's still the fact that it's owned by Microsoft. I have a friend who is extreme about online security, uses only the most obscure browsers there are, and he assures me that Edge-C is actually safer than Chrome as long as Spybot Anti-Beacon is running.

    I'm starting to wonder just how accurate that claim is. So I tried researching to see if anyone has made a comment like this anywhere, no such luck. I'm wondering if there is anything anyone is able to point at, in code or in any descriptions, to somehow prove that Anti-Beacon has any sort of impact on the security of Edge-C?

    EDIT: Now I feel dumb for posting this and then only just seeing the Edge Telemetry options in the paid section. I guess my real question is if the FREE version specifically blocks the type of spying necessary to make Edge-C safer?
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    You could ask about that on the contact form. There's an option to choose anti-beacon under Software & License:

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