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Thread: Do I need any Anti-Virus Software if I have Spybot+AV (purchased)?

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    Default Do I need any Anti-Virus Software if I have Spybot+AV (purchased)?

    I have Kaspersky anti-virus program on my computer. Today I purchased Home edition of Spybot+AV. Do I need to run Kaspersky anymore? Does Spybot protect my computer from all threats so I don't need to have a anti-virus program running too or Malwarebyte type software? I couldn't find anything that says Spybot is all I need.

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    Hello QuartetmanIA,

    Rule of thumb is one firewall and one anti virus program resident to avoid conflicts, loss of program efficiency and system lock up due to both software products attempting to access the same files at the same time.

    Please see this FAQ:

    Settings & Tools > Does Spybot conflict with other antivirus programs?

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