Hello, did I accidentally download some virus or malware? I have been prompted to download and install the new version update of Windows 10 20H2, which came out in October 2020. I finally decided to go ahead. Big mistake. It took a while and when the welcome screen finally came on, it said I was not an authorized user! So I restarted and when it finally loaded to my desktop everything was gone!!!! My desktop was completely generic, 90% of my desktop icons were gone. All my settings were wrong. And the worst part was NONE of my files were on the C:drive. Everything was gone. No pictures, no home videos, all my files were gone. It was like I just purchased a brand new computer. Thankfully I went to Windows Update and found the Restore option and restored it to previous Windows version and it's all perfect and back to normal again. I've paused all Windows Updates for a few weeks but I'm worried when that time is up, it will automatically download this Windows 20H2 version again and all will be lost again. Did I do something wrong? Can't find anything about this happening to anyone else online. Thank you.