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Thread: S&D Keeps Showing the Same Results

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    Default S&D Keeps Showing the Same Results

    Every time I run a scan I get the same set of results. I select "Fix Issue" but they still pop up again. I scanned/fixed. Did it again immediately after. Then I restarted and did it again. Then I booted in safe mode and did it again. Then one more time starting normally. This "HKU\S-1-5-21" among other things still persist. I saved all these logs.
    Also any reason why I would have multiple Mozilla Firefox profiles for Tracking Cookies? It went from one to three over time. Every so often the third one is enabled and I have to disable it again.

    Thank you for your help.

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    Could you please post one of your logfiles? Open Spybot Start Center, click show details in the lower right corner, click System Scan, then click Show Previous logs. The dates are appended to the end of the checks.logfile. Doubleclick a checks.logfile from a recent date(like a day or so ago.), then when the logfile opens go to Edit, then Select All, then rightclick somewhere in the window, click copy, then paste it here, please.

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