I've used the free version of Spybot for many years. Since I also use various other "anti this-and-that" programs, I don't use everything Spybot has to offer. I use Spybot "on-call" to do my cleaning. All my programs do not interfere with each other.

My Spybot version on my Windows 7 is 2.7.64. I have a new Windows 10 Pro and want to use Spybot only for my cleaning. I don't know if my old version of Spybot is compatible with Win 10 or not. I have several Spybot files in the download directory of my Win 7 PC. Since I don't know which file is the installer, I thought I'd search for the legacy 2.7.64 version, but I can't find it. I've read elsewhere that some users were not happy with version 2.8.

IF 2.7.64 will work in Windows 10, where can I find the download for version 2.7.64?