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Thread: SPY-BOT suggests I ask this question on the forum

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    Default SPY-BOT suggests I ask this question on the forum


    I've been using SPY-BOT v. 3.5.9 for about a year it's ready to be updated. Going thru the site I noticed SPY-BOT some new versions. v. 3.5.9 seems to have done decent job as I've had no intrusions or any funny things to happen.

    What would be a good direction to such as the std upgrade or the enhanced versions. I've been very busy with healthcare issues my wife & I have. We just moved to a new NJ location & it looks like a better direction for us. I the next few weeks I will have more time to study the forum more thoroughly.



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    Hello. I hope things go well with the health care issues. I have health issues myself, and I know how time consuming these type of things can be.

    I just wanted to clarify if you meant Spybot Search and Destroy or Spybot Anti-Beacon, as an older Spybot Anti-Beacon does have the version number of 3.5.9, and Spybot Search And Destroy has the 2.8+ version numbers, currently.
    Link to Spybot:

    Link to Spybot Anti-Beacon:

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