AFTER TRYING TO UPLOAD Farbar RS, I can not do it, because even I followed the rulls for unchecking and more the size is still 70kB what does it no allow me to upload FRST.txt file.
PLEASE HELP ME RESOLVE THIS TOO for sake of other users as well - I splitted files in part1 and part2.txt printscreen-rootkit.pngFRST_part1.txtFRST_part2.txtAddition.txtThanks!

usb malfunction, corrupting and overwriting usb drives, not being able to unmount usb drives
I run Spyboot Rootkit and many many times I have the same malware and each and every time I delete them they later reappear with the same key {} as seen in printscreen.
Please also teach me how to make a bootable windows 10 boot drive so I am empowered in the future.

I needed to reinstall FARBAR RT, because my first .txt file was too large(70kB), yes I followed the rulls. I had to uncheck one more option and I unchecked "One month"
Please help me, thanks in advance, sincerely, Grega from Slovenia