Hello there! I'm hoping to get some insight and appreciate any help!

I have some downloaded files that were downloaded as rar. I did an online link virus scan before downloading them but know those scans are not 100%. So after downloading and unzipping (before installing or opening), I decided to run a Spybot scan to be absolutely sure the files are safe. I did the 'right-click' Spybot scan file option.

I have seen where there is a red x indicating the files are infected before and the option to remove the malware. However, in this case the objects within the file are moving from the "queued" section to the "clean" section, but I'm not getting the green checkmark I believe I saw before indicating the files are clean. I am not getting a red x either. Also, even though they are in the "clean" section, in the status column they all say "unknown". After each file is scanned, I'm also seeing the sub activity text at the bottom stating that "state of xxxxxx" scan is unknown. You can insert any/all of the file names in the xxxxxxxxxx, as they all say the same thing.

I'm not sure what this means and if the files are safe if they are in the "clean" section while status is unknown and no green checkmark. I don't do scans like this very often so I want to be sure I understand what the scan results actually mean and how I should proceed.

Thank you in advance for any help and advise!