Hi, I have had SpyBot from years, beginning from W95 decades ago.

Now I'm not understanding fully the behavior I observe when I try to launch:
--> a full scan on a folder or drive, from context menu.

When I do this, the Spybot window appears and, after a while (because presumably SB is searching),
the list of files to be checked AND the check state begins to fill-in, and is growing up.

The problem is, I see a large waste of time while scanning for file extensions
that are usually not bringing executables: Txt, png, jpg, ico, lnk, and so on.
As the SB is taking the same considerable and almost constant time to scan any and every single file
(because it loops on every product for every file),
so this is grabbing away my useful time considerably,
especially when I am waiting for a scan response before to proceed with other operations.

This is worst when I already know that in the given folder (for instance, say the Download folder)
I want to scan only executables, and especially the newly downloaded ones.
So I resorted to scan only those files directly, selecting them and then right clicking,
as the SB context menu works well with this. This has cured my time waste greatly.

But still, any full scan is time and resource waste, hence I am forced to avoid them.
So I still am questioning why SpyBot, on a full scan, continues to check every single bit of not useful file matter.
As I am visualizing full file extensions in explorer, I am sure that the files are what they say they are, no more no less.

> So the first question: Why SpyBot does not take in account to bypass the not offensive files, as .png or .jpg images and .txt files?

-- : --
Second part of the question is, how to instruct SpyBot to ignore certain type of extension in its full scans?
I cannot find how in the current interface.
I've looked up in the settings dialog, but the Ignore tab sub-tabs do not offer an Add button from there.
Also, in the scanning dialogue, right click on the scanned files does not offer an Ignore anywhere.

> So the second question: where can I go to configure the extensions ignoring for SpyBot in the current interface?

Spybot version: 2.8
System: Windows 8.1 home, X64
Thanks for any help