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Thread: S S&D has detected an important registry change..........

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    Default S S&D has detected an important registry change..........

    Hi. Briefly Firefox wasnt connecting to the web nor was my VPN software. I shut down and went into Safe Mode and scanned with Malwarebytes and S&D.

    Neither program detected a problem but when I reopened Windows 10 in "normal" mode, I received this message from S&D.

    "Spybot S&D has detected an important registry entry that has been changed"

    Category: Browser Helper Object
    Change: Value Deleted"

    I'm using Tor Browser at the moment to try to keep things "safe" and my question is,

    I have only one option to "Allow change" as the "Deny change" option is greyed out. I'm therefore unsure if S&D is telling me that a change has taken place but it's S&D that has changed it or something has made a change and wont allow me the option to deny it ?

    I'd appreciate some clarification on this,

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    Hello Waggy,

    When a browser updates it may delete a value and replace it with a new value.

    The pop up let's you know this occurred, I allow the change, you can check the box to "Remember This"

    Hope that helps.

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