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Thread: Supporting additional browsers

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    Default Supporting additional browsers

    I have been running Brave Browser for a while. I have noticed that the only Chrome based Browser is Firefox, no support for Brave or Google Chrome.
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    I don't have Brave browser currently, but I do have Google Chrome. I peeked in immunization, and no, Chrome is not listed in there, so since Brave is Chromium based from what I see online, I presume that would not be in immunization, also. I found an old thread from when Chrome was new, and spybotsandra was saying chrome had no interface for immunizing, though I do not know if that is still the case:

    If you open Spybot (rightclick, select run as administrator), checkmark advanced user mode, click Settings, then select the Browsers tab, Spybot says it scans various browsers for bad entries in cookies, bookmarks, history, and cache. I have Google Chrome listed in there, so it should be scanned for those things, If you have Brave browser listed in there, I'd presume it is being scanned as well.

    You might like to contact Team Spybot for additional clarification on Chrome-based browsers. You could provide a link to this thread if you wish, also.

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