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Thread: Live Protection prevents New World (video game) from loading.

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    Default Live Protection prevents New World (video game) from loading.

    I picked up this game on Amazon/Steam today called 'New World'.
    It wouldn't load and just gives an error.

    Launch Error
    Unexpected error. (0xC0020015)
    launch error.png

    Tried reinstalling graphic card and chipset drivers.
    Went through a bunch stuff before discovering the problem is related to Spybot's Live Protection.

    Needed to go into Settings > Live Protection, then uncheck: 'Scan programs before they start.'
    Suppose I'll leave this unchecked for now, just an FYI incase anyone else is running into this problem, or knows of a better solution then toggling off this feature.

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    I did a search and apparently New World uses Easy Anti-Cheat:

    In the past, some people posted that Live Protection blocks Easy Anti-Cheat:

    If you aren't being prompted to block, allow, quarantine, etc., then your best bet would be to ask Team Spybot for help with this, and see what they recommend. If you would, please use the contact form to ask them about live protection and Easy Anti-Cheat using the link below (unless one of them posts here with an answer, it's possible one of them may):

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