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Thread: File Scan: Spybot Out Of Resources

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    Default File Scan: Spybot Out Of Resources

    I don't know why the file scanner is so much slower than the system scanner. But anyway, it struggled twice in a row, refusing to scan because the "system is out of resources".
    Out Of System Resources.png

    I immediately opened the performance monitor to have look. Um, no I'm not out of anything:
    No Im Not.png

    Can't find the reason it would say that. What is happening here?

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    I'm not exactly sure what is happening there with the out of system resources, and cannot find anything on the error, so this may not be the solution. But the "scanner queue can get quite large" warning in the background usually comes up when there are a lot files selected to be scanned, though I cannot see how many in your screenshot. You could try experimenting by selecting fewer files to be scanned at one time, and see if you don't get the error then.

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