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    1st time with all the computers I've ever loaded Spybot S&D (Version on but for some reason I can't get it to immunize these last 194 items. Brand new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 with a new bare-metal install of Windows 11 Pro on it. No other exotic anti-mlaware programs, only the built-in Windows Security and the latest version of MalwareBytes, which I have disabled. Have tried re-immunizing multiple times but to no avail. I have 3 other computers with the identical configurations that do not have this problem. Any guesses as to why it would continue to fail to immunize these same 194 sites over & over again would be appreciated. I have no idea what they are as I'm not sure where to look in Spybot that would clue me in. This is a new one on me. No rhyme or reason here.

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    Since it's 194 items that aren't being immunized, I would guess that it is a browsers cookies section that are not being immunized. (The number of cookie items to be immunized are usually numbered at 194.)
    To see which ones are unimmunized, rightclick Spybot start center, click Run as Administrator, then click Immunization. Click Check System. When it's done, click Show Details. Scroll through and see which 194 items show as unprotected. Please post back and tell me which ones. I don't know if there would be a solution posted, but if I know which browser I can look for further info with that and see what I can find.

    Also, if one were opened you'd receive a warning, but just to double check, has your browser been closed when you've been immunizing?

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