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Thread: SpyBot Search & Destroy 2.9 Internet Protection: off "CONFLICTS" \MS Win Defender RTP

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    Unhappy SpyBot Search & Destroy 2.9 Internet Protection: off "CONFLICTS" \MS Win Defender RTP

    To Whom it May Concern;

    SpyBot's Search & Destroy 2.9 (Free Edition) Internet Protection: off "WILL NOT TURN "ON", I firmly believe that it "CONFLICTS" with Microsoft's Windows Defender's Real Time Protection! See 1st Snap Shot Below;SpyBot Internet Protection-off-Capture.JPG

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    Internet Protection will sometimes show as "off" when the scanner service is not running. If you'd like to turn it on if it's not running, please see the instructions below:
    Internet Protection is not the same as Spybot's live protection, which is in the paid versions of Spybot, so should not interfere with Windows Defender's Real Time Protection.

    However, sometimes Windows Defender will stop running if Spybot is installed, even if Spybot is the free version. In that case, there are instructions here:
    However, it is difficult to stop the Windows Security Center Service since this version, and I believe that is still the case today. Please see drghughes post here:
    And a response from the Spybot creator here, further down in that thread:
    Since getting the Security Center service in Spybot stopped might involve registry editing, if stopping that service is necessary for you I recommend getting help from Team Spybot for safety reasons:

    I hope that helps.

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