Hi everyone,

We've been working hard on browser support for Spybot for the past months. There are dozens of browsers out there these days (most of which are Chrome and Mozilla clones of course, but all with their special traits), so our browser support has grown a lot (that page is still work in progress).

In the past, we had this small tool called Browser Cache Information which basically shows the content that Spybot can read. We initially used that for testing the improved support, then got carried away trying to make the content easier to browse. Make it possible to search. To filter. To categorize...

So it basically became a fresh rewrite, now called BrowsAlyzer. BrowsAlyzer is still a tool to browse the browsing data browsers store (cache, cookies, history, bookmarks, start pages, search pages), with new categories for extensions.

But it also integrates with Spybot Anti-Beacon, creating a list of all entries across browser and categories that could be regarded as tracking.
It integrates with Spybot Identity Monitor to create a list of visited websites that have been breached in the past.
Of course it integrates with Spybot itself to show a list of cookies and hosts Spybot would want to block.
It allows to open cache files in Nir Sofers great NirSoft tools to view cache information, to view databases raw internally or with external tools like DB Browser for SQLite.
It brings external sources like the Steven Black hosts files, that can help to list all entries that fit his categories like Porn, Social, Gambling, &c.

Of course you can create your own search filters, using domain names or even regular expressions.

Here's an example:

I would love to get feedback - a pre-release version is available here.