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Thread: Seeing issues on Professional Edition

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    Default Seeing issues on Professional Edition

    Installed and updated latest version .. got my license entered w/o any issue. When looking at the bottom/right portion of the screen (taskbar?), I am seeing two things of concern:
    1> Update service stopped and
    2> AS+AV: off.

    I'm not convinced they are faults, but it sure feels like it. I have restarted Update Service many times; the message always returns. Not sure how to even begin addressing that AS+AV issue.
    Y'all have anything like this happen? Critical or naw?

    Thanks for the input!

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    Hello GPRS_1,

    Did you do the following and reboot:

    • Open Spybot by right-clicking on the Spybot icon, and choosing the option to Run as Administrator.
    • Click on Show details in the bottom right corner of the Start Center then click on Advanced User Mode.
    • Go to Settings then click the System Services tab.
    • Here you can start the Update Service.
    • Make sure you tick the check box that says Active after every reboot.
    • Click Apply and OK, and restart Spybot.

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