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Thread: Windows 11 - Security Center Integration can't be switched off

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    Default Windows 11 - Security Center Integration can't be switched off

    Installation of Spybot on Windows 11 automatically installs the Security Center integration.

    It can't be stopped, switched off, uninstalled. Neither via the Spybot interface as described for Windows 10 (Settings -> system services) nor via Windows services app.

    Thus Windows defender remains disabled. As I'm using the free version of Spybot S&D I've got no realtime protection.

    Please handle a.s.a.p. If there is no fast solution I'll have to uninstall Spybot as it exposes my system to severe risks.

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    At one time it was difficult to stop security center integration. Please see drghughes post here:
    I did think that was fixed, since I looked at mine and I don't have the security center service listed in Spybot System Services(I'm still on windows 10, but I don't think that would make a difference.) It is possible I may have custom installed my Spybot or something when installing the newer version, though I can't remember if I did, and I'm not sure if that is an option in that case.

    Since you posted on the 25th I presume you may have uninstalled Spybot to get Window Defender real-time protection back.

    If the security center integration service is as it was before, disabling it might involve a registry edit, so it might be best to contact Spybot Support for that. You could ask for help here:

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