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Thread: Safer Networking Contacts?

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    Default Safer Networking Contacts?

    I can be a dunce sometimes, maybe I overlooked a contact list link.

    Irrespective of that I'll post here and maybe there'll be some feedback that can correct as well as supplement this suggestion.

    On the main site one of the links regarding donations brought up how Safer Networking currently doesn't qualify as a charitable organization. I submit the following ideas....

    Amend your charter to set forth that the software is free in the interest of:

    • a) Safer computing for adults and children,
    • b) assuring that people who are using the internet can do so without fear of their connection or finances being hijacked for some terrorist's purpose (interest of national security), and
    • c) helping those less financially fortunate as an aid in the war on poverty because your software helps to disallow those who would otherwise exploit the impoverished.

    Additionally or seperately you may want to look into government programs that meet these types of criteria or goals, not so much in the interest of gaining some sort of financial assistance (unless you so desire) but more importantly to apply for these programs irresepective of rejection so there is a record of your genuine interest in these areas. Qualifying or not for a program has no effect on whether your intentions and actions fall within the criteria to apply as a charitable organization but they could help should you ever be challenged for having qualified and applying those rules of the GAAP. Of course this same qualification can be extended to your volunteers in a variety of ways, I am sure whatever legal counsel you have can assist you with this.

    I bring this up because to me, with you putting in so much time for Spybot alone and the amount of good it does in helping to assure the worst case scenarios of the above circumstances outllined do not occur, it appears to be a great public service that deserves some sort of recognition leading to some tax breaks or other indirect subsidy/incentive in appreciation.

    Of course my loathsomeness for these hackers with and without an agenda in their felonious acts who are like a plague on this still relatively new frontier of the internet drives me too. You see apparently they do not realize that their predessors in other areas of business, banking, construction, auto repair, pharmaceuticals (snake oil salesman), etc. are what brought about an entire regulatory basis on everyone in those industries/endeavors to where the free action that we held to our own use in these areas has since been lost to meeting standards that many times appear picked out of a hat and of little relevance. I do apologize for taking the liberty to think that any of us using the web for other than malicious purposes cherish our freedom to do so, and to protect our privacy and use (bandwidth), however I dare think I've made no mistake in doing so. The success and wide use of Spybot appears an overwhelming testimony to my taking a proper liberty.

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    Thank you for your kind thoughts.
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