Ashampoo and VNU Networks offering Burning Studio v.5 for free (no expiration, full featured) until 14 November. (if you register it, until 14/11 its unlocked for ever).

When downloading the software is a 10 days trial. Then you register (for free) at Ashampoo site and you receive a mail with registration (you also have the option for getting the promotional mail). After entering the registration, the program unlocks permanently (no expiration). You also receive a discount coupon, in case you want to purchase the latest edition (v.6), which is free only for educational use.
You DONT HAVE NEITHER to purchase something, NOR to receive the newsletter!!! ;-)
You can dl and register for free, until 14th of November 2006.

More details and dl link at VNU Networks (free registration links to Ashampoo site): http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/downloa...burning-studio

Since its absolutely free for ever (requires free registration, with mail delivering for the registration code) with good features (even for movie DVD), I think you can test drive it if it fit your needs.

Best Regards!!!