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Thread: Search function in Runalyzer "Process List"

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    Default Search function in Runalyzer "Process List"


    Great software that I am just testing and it saves me a whole lot time.

    I want to thank you for adding copy & paste functionality to MD5 and SHA signatures as you promised for next version, first.

    Secondly, I can't seem to find "SEARCH" button in RunAlyzer Process List. This may mean that it is necessary to manually expand & search every item in process list in case i.e. I need to find which module is using avgse.dll ... To stop & unload it.

    Also it would be very useful to be able to trace it back to initial service / startup item that enabled module use. This would greatly speed up removal of broken programs / modules IMHO.

    My $0.02

    Many thanks in forward, this passed or not!


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    Interesting idea; a search is a bit more complicated than a filter (well, not really, but I like filters more ), so I implemented some filters first.

    New RunAlyzer "Filters & Search" pane, with the following additions:

    RunAlyzer search options:
    * Search on all items (new)
    * Search on visible items (combining searches with "AND")
    * Add search results to visible items (combining searches with "OR")

    New buttons effecting all pages:
    * Show all entries (to be able to show all again after an search)

    * Show all but legit entries (similar to the existing toggle button, but for all)
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    Default alpha or beta coming?

    I think it is great to see filter functionality on the TODO list.

    Once it is identified to which startup entry a .dll belongs, it is easy later to disable/remove this startup entry and effectively enable files to be removed, removing the broken program or service.

    RunAlyzer saved me yesterday: I've removed AVG AV while it was still running as other user , and then it was removed partially, unable to clean it, with parts of .dlls still in memory upon restart. Runalyzer jumped in and told me exactly which startup items and services (all in one place) need to be removed to allow the Grisoft files to be removed.

    Having filter functionality would save me additional time by telling me exactly what needed to be stopped to unload i.e. "avgse.dll" and allow it to be removed from disk and startup entries .

    I looking forward to implementation and testing!

    BTW, where is it possible to dl alpha or beta of new version and when it is to be expected?
    I've tried the official version and it is still saying year 2005?

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