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    Cool McAFEE AV

    I was once using Mcafee Internet Security. But comes August I installed Spybot v1.4. Since then I was having this problem which seems Spybot doesn't recognized Mcafee. It keeps on detecting and telling me that the changes/updates in Mcafee were being denied. Since I want to keep Spybot hence, I removed Mcafee and used Bitdefender. Now I am using PCcillin Internet Security. Is there anyone out there that could tell me that Spybot had already recognized Mcafee or there is no more conflict?

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    The updates were denied by the resident TeaTimer.
    Please read this information about the TeaTimer:
    If you surf the web and without any user interaction the teatimer pops up and warns about a registry change it is better to "deny", but if you install something by yourself it is OK to "allow" the change.

    If the updates are still denied it is based on your blacklist of the resident TeaTimer. But you can change this. Please right-click the TeaTimer icon in the system tray and select "Settings". There you will find 4 lists for remembered decisions (allowed/denied processes and registry changes). In order to remove an entry just click on the cross next to it. TeaTimer will then "forget" this decision and you will be asked again the next time.

    Best regards
    Team Spybot

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    Default Phishing & Pharming Scams

    Hi all.

    I setup a board where viewers can submit all those bank/ebay/paypal scams we get in email:


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