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    Question Thought Process

    I am curious about the person(s) writting these programs. What is the IQ level of this person? Does this person have thoughts about other things than his/her programs? I am studying to be a programmer myself and to try to imagine the thought process of someone that has the ability to write such programs is mind boggling to to me, to say the least!!! I hope that this does not seem like to silly of a question for the person reading it!! I know how I am when I have an assignment that I am working on, I can be say riding in my vechicle and an idea come to me about trying this or that to make my program work and I cannot wait to get back home to try it out. I am not a young person either as I am in my early 40's and did not formally start studying Microsoft Visual Studio.Net until I was about 40 I think is when I started attending college. I appreciate your taking the time to read this and even more for taking the time to respond back to me!

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    Writing is just a part of all this; there are also detectives hunting new malware, supporters helping here and by email, etc. ... you can see some words about some of the first team members in our gallery.
    I myself am not enough of a geek to have my IQ measured, so I just don't know it :D And yes, there are a lot of other things I think about, but when I'm at some computer, I have a bunch of similar reflexes to implement some ideas, or even just try something out, out of fun to see if I can do it, or can do it better than some other software where I'm missing a feature. I've got a huge bunch of unfinished ideas lying around, but just trying them usually gave me some new insight into some aspects. Some good planing is surely necessary for projects one really wants or needs to finish, but spontaneous ideas and attempts are imho way better for learning (and improving ones skills never stops in coding) and quite essential to be able to implement the plans at all.
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