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Thread: Tarma Installer--spyware? No, Tarma installers are not spyware.

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    Hello Yourbestintrest,
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    Try using correct grammar, for example..."registry keys was outstanding", should be were outstanding. And "if I was you", should be, if I were you. You seem intelligent, try sounding intelligent. And please don't be angry, I only have your best interest in mind.
    Correcting another's grammar in an old topic with your very first post is not beneficial.

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    Default A Tarma Installer package is not malware, but its content may be malware


    the 'Tarma Installer' is a software package to create Windows Installer packages (MSI) or proprietary Tarma installer packages. Anyone can use an installation creator like 'Tarma Installer' and pack any kind of software within. The installer itself is not adware or spyware, like any other installation creator (NSIS, Inno Setup, etc). Unfortunately a lot of adware distributors use the Tarma Installer to create their installers.

    Don't judge a cover by its book.

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