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I also do not use the Teatimer option but ONLY because the buttons are cut off ive recently gone through to completely perfect my system and the Teatimer would be perfect for my needs but when i enabled it again (as i forgot it was like that) Tons of pop ups for registry changes bombarded me and i quickly disabled it again because even though the registry changes have already been made they still pop up and ask. and going through that many with only 30% of the button visable is a pain... i am eagerly anticipating the fixed Teatimer grafix for XP as i will NEVER switch to vista im scared to know how many of you have.. i wish there was something i could do to help Patrick and the team making the Teatimer FULLY functional again would in my opinion bring it back to the top of the list in anti-spyware software as avg is very limited in freeware and seems to detect alot of the good stuff and not enough of the bad stuff where SBSAD reigns supreme
Sorry posted too soon of course i did spend a good 2 hours looking b4 posting this but only 30 min more and i would have had it http://forums.spybot.info/showthread...p-ups+TeaTimer for those of you still looking hopefully my first post and this one will help redirect you to the solution it worked like a charm.. my next step will be to make a S&D slipstream autoinstall for xp with the fix already in it thanx gang